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Horse Ambulance / Animal Recovery Services / Event Hire

Are you organising an event which involves livestock or horses?

Useful information about our service

Along with dedicated fallen stock trailers, we also have horse ambulances that are dedicated in taking your horses that are injured from your livery or home to the vets or to any destination that you would like us to.

Our team are happy to chat through the options with you and your vet.

Are you holding a show with livestock? 

Did you know it is now law to have a fallen stock trailer onsite or on call.  

We can provide 24 hour service onsite or on call

Are you holding an event with horses?

Be it pony club event, cross county event, fun ride, polo match, three day event, local horse show?

Legally you have to provide a horse ambulance for any horse that is injured, whether it is on call or on site, we can help with both.

We can help with transporting your horses or ponies to any vet or location that is required.

If the unexpected happens at an event we can help to remove your horse to our premises for disposal, cremation or post mortem